PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Alpha Launch Update

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  • Composition of north-eastern ocean-side city has changed
  • Added farms and farmlands to areas surrounding several towns (WIP)
  • Added reservoir nearby the inland city
  • Added container yards to north-eastern ocean-side city and eastern coast the small island (WIP)
  • Added factory and prison camp
  • Added military base (WIP)
  • Global lighting was adjusted


  • Added African American male/female character
  • Added Asian male/female character
  • Added 1 new hairstyle



  • Modified aiming system
    • New aim logic was applied for scope view
    • Mouse movement in scope view is now smoother
    • Per each weapon's characteristics, sway following WASD movement and camera rotation were added. For example, since pistols and SMGs are lighter, there is less lag in camera rotation
  • Fixed jittering in scoped view
  • Added post-process effect that blurs areas other than aiming view while aiming or scoping
  • Added gun sway based on player stance and velocity. Sway is greater when walking or standing, and sway decreases when sitting. Sway is minimal in prone
  • Added camera hit reactions (shakes slightly) when receiving damage to show realistic hit reactions. (i.e., receiving damage outside of Blue Zone)
  • Changed bullet spawn mechanic in scoped view. From now on, it won't be centred on screen but spawned based on gun barrel's position and tilt angle
  • If camera direction is changed while holding weapon, gun barrel direction will smoothly follow camera with inertia


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