PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Alpha Update 1

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  • The countdown time in lobby before start of game was changed from 1.5 minutes to 2 minutes
  • Damage dealt while outside the Blue Zone now increases with each zone change.
  • Initial fuel amount for spawned vehicles was changed from 50% to a random value between 40–100%
  • Care Package casting time was removed. You will now be able to open them immediately
  • Increased the percentage chance that a building would spawn loot from 85% to 100%. Now all buildings on the map will spawn loot
  • Decreased the spawn chance for frying pans
  • Other loot balance changes were implemented


  • Fixed an issue that allowed movement at high speed when jumping
  • Changed jumping mechanic slightly to make consecutive jumping more difficult (WIP)
  • Fixed a bug where bullet tick travel time was set to 10hz instead of 60hz
  • Decreased both time and effect duration of aim punch. Effect decreases additionally when wearing vest
  • Fixed an issue where the crosshair would reveal a player’s location in certain circumstances
  • Fixed the issue of mouse sensitivity changing when view mode is switched


  • Volume of Care Package airplane was decreased by 20%.
  • Sound volume during freefall and lobby music were decreased
  • Fixed an issue where voice chat volume would change levels unrealistically


  • Weapons will no longer be switched when scrolling mouse with the inventory open
  • Removed hit markers from crosshair
  • Enabled Auto Run key to be changed in key binding options.
  • For left-handed users, enabled setting “Up, Down, Left, Right” keys as movement keys
  • Added an effect to emphasize the fuel gauge when using boost to help players understand that vehicle boost consumes much more fuel


  • Fixed issues related to voice chat
  • Fixed an issue that caused bullet cracks not to be played
  • Fixed an issue that caused remote sounds to be played locally for some players
  • Fixed collision issues with drain pipe models
  • Fixed an issue that caused Care Packages to appear late into the game
  • Fixed issues with certain doors only opening from certain angles
  • Decreased the time character is the air after jumping from height
  • Mouse sensitivity will no longer be reset for every new game


  • Fixed issue of game data not being displayed correctly on the statistics page

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