PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Alpha Update 2

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Stability & Performance Improvements

  • Reduced the RAM requirement to 8GB
  • Made general improvements to connectivity. You should now be seeing fewer occurrences of the following:
    • Long loading times when joining games
    • Getting disconnected following long loading times
    • Multiple players being dropped from games in a short period


  • Weapons will no longer auto-reload ammo when equipped
  • Adjusted the accuracy while aiming in third person
  • Increased the ADS accuracy for rifles and sniper rifles
  • Adjusted the recoil recovery mechanics. Weapons do not recover to the same position after shots anymore and you will need to re-aim each shot

Balance Adjustments

  • Reduced the Frying Pan damage by 40%
  • Reduced the Flash Bang explosion delay from 5 seconds to 2.8 seconds

Lobby/Front End Improvements

  • Made improvements to lobby response time; reactions to lobby actions should now be quicker

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Attachments can now be equipped directly from the environment, rather than requiring the player to equip them from the inventory
  • Adjusted the drop mesh sizes for weapons and accessories


  • The amount of reward points you can earn when playing has been increased 3 times
  • The drop rate of rare skins from crates have been increased 5~7 times

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue causing players to be able to very clearly hear the sound of other players’ empty shells dropping


  • Fixed a bug that caused vehicles to react unpredictably (fly away or flip over) when players came in contact with them
  • Fixed a bug allowing vehicles to be driven upside down and/or sideways


  • Fixed a bug that caused dropped items to disappear
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from looting items spawned in certain buildings (i.e – Warehouses)
  • Fixed a bug causing crossbows to spawn without bolts


  • Fixed a bug preventing players from being able to melee other players that are in crouch/prone stances
  • Made some improvements to reduce occurrences of players becoming stuck within trees. We expect to see much less of this happening, and we’ll announce when it’s been fixed for good


  • Fixed an issue causing some players to appear invisible or transparent
  • Fixed issue in which some pants, when equipped, would cause a player's feet to disappear


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