PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Alpha Update 3

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New Features

2 Player Team Play Mode (WIP)

  • You can choose your teammate from the Steam friends list in the pre-game lobby, if their profile is public.
  • If you have a private Steam profile, you can be invited to join a team by using the nickname invite box.
  • You can now view your friend's stats by hovering over their profile picture and clicking the stats button
  • Added push-to-talk for team voice chat

Revive System for Team Play Modes (WIP)

  • In 2 player team mode, once your HP reaches 0, your character will enter DBNO (Down But Not Out) state
  • While in DBNO state, your character won’t be able to do anything (i.e – move, fire weapons, use items, etc) except be revived by a teammate
  • When in DBNO state, your character’s revive time will gradually decrease. When your revive time reaches zero, your character will die and cannot be revived for the rest of the match
  • When your teammate enters DBNO state, the teammate icon on the HUD will change to indicate that your teammate needs help
  • If your character enters DBNO state while your teammate is either dead or also already in a DBNO state, your character will instantly die.
  • When your teammate is in DBNO state, you can revive them by nearing them and interacting with the character using the “F” key
  • It is possible for your character to enter DNBO state multiple times in a single match, but it will cause your revive time to decrease at a faster rate for every subsequent time that you enter a DBNO state

Stability Improvements

  • Fixed an issue causing the game servers to crash last weekend

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Decreased the time players remain in the airplane at the start of a match
  • Players are now dropped from the airplane at more diverse areas of the island
  • Stackable items (Medical items, Boost items, Ammo) are now distributed into multiple slots when exceeding a certain amount
  • Added some camera effects during the freefall/parachuting phase
  • All consumable items (Medical items, Boost items) can now be canceled
  • When in third person view, you can now press the tilde (`) key to swap between left and right shoulder view

Balance Adjustments

  • Adjusted the shrinking rate of the play area. Now, the area will shrink more quickly during the initial phases of a match, but slower during the later phases

Loot Adjustments

  • Increased the spawn rate of low value weapons and items
  • Decreased the spawn rate of high value weapons
  • Decreased the spawn rate of level 3 equipment

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing some players to appear invisible or transparent
  • Fixed a bug that caused Crossbows to sometimes spawn without bolts nearby

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