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The backpack is an Item in player unknowns battlegrounds, it is the primary method of increasing your storage, it has three levels with each getting rarer and holding more gear with every level.

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Backpack LV1

The backpack level one is the most common version of the backpack and can be found anywhere and everywhere, it adds +150 to your carrying limit and is slung on your back, it is relatively small and hard to see from a distance as well, making it viable for hiding in surrounding objects such as bushes. Backpack (Level 1)

Backpack LV2

The backpack LV2 is the second level of backpacks and adds +200 to your carrying limit, this backpack is slightly rarer than the LV1 but can still be found everywhere, it is also slung over your back and is slightly larger, making it harder to hide while wearing it. Backpack (Level 2)

Backpack LV3

The backpack LV3 is the 3rd level of backpacks in PUBG and adds a whopping +250 to your carrying limit, it is the rarest of the backpacks and can only be found if you are lucky, you have a higher chance of finding it in the Sosnovoska Military Base. It is the only backpack that can be acquired from a care package. Hiding in objects when wearing this pack is out of the question due to its sheer size.

Backpack (Level 3)

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