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Bandage is a type of Healing Consumable in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Bandages heal the player a little bit with each use (about 10-15% health) and slowly heal the player for about 4 seconds. They heal in small ticks, taking about 5 ticks until the Bandage has healed the player. Bandages, like the First Aid Kit, can only heal the player up to 75%.

Bandages take about 4 seconds to use and like all Consumables, players have to stand still to use it (on the ground or in a car). But, they can start to walk, run, or drive when the timer is at .5 seconds and this won't cancel the healing.


  • Players can start moving (walking, running, or drive) when the timer is at .5 sec, and still receive healing.
  • The Bandages heals in ticks and takes 5 ticks until; wait until the Bandage has done 3 ticks to use another Bandage, that way you can get the fastest and the cheapest way of using Bandages.
  • Bandages can only heal up to 75% of the players HP, so a player can heal up to the 75% and drink an Energy Drink to top off.

Patch changes

  • PUBG Icon Pre-Alpha Launch UpdateWhen using Bandage twice in a row, you were unable to use second bandage, but from now on, even when first bandage is still in use, second bandage can be applied, resetting bandage casting time.
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