The Beryl M762 is an Assault Rifle in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds that uses 7.62mm.

The M762 can be described as a slightly inferior, non-air-drop-exclusive version of the Groza, with overall performance slotted between the Groza and AKM. The base damage of this gun is slightly lower than that of the other 7.62mm assault rifles, which is compensated by its fairly high rate of fire for a non-air-drop weapon. The vertical recoil of this compared to the AKM is slightly higher. A barrel, magazine, sight and grip can be attached to this weapon. Due to its high recoil and restrictive iron sights, equipping a grip (preferbly, the Vertical Grip) and a sight attachment is vital. Much like the AKM and Groza, using this gun for long-range engagements is not recommended.


AR Compensator, AR Flash Hider, and AR Suppressor


AR Extended Mag, AR Extended QuickDraw Mag, and AR QuickDraw Mag


Red Dot Sight, Holographic Sight, 2x Aimpoint Scope, 3x Backlit Scope 4x ACOG Scope, and ELCAN Specter DR 6x Scope.

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