R1895 New
Crowbar New
Extended QuickDraw Mag for Automatic Rifle
First Aid Kit New

The following is the recommended Best Close Quarters Loadout for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS.


Surviving in BATTLEGROUNDS is a matter of two things - luck, and preparation. While where you jump out and how quickly you can find a weapon certainly determines the beginning of the game, what gear you choose to fill your limited inventory space with will determine the end game. To that end, we've put together a few small guides to help you survive past those initial few minutes, and maybe even dominate in the small winner's circle of the last few minutes.

Picking a Role

It's really important to figure out what role you're wanting to play early on in the match. Depending on what your role is, you're going to be looking for different gear and different attachments, as you're going to be using them for vastly different purposes.

As a close combat specialist, you're going to want weapons that focus on close, localized, intense damage. You're also one of the few loadouts where we suggest having a powerful melee weapon to fall back on.

Loadout 1

Loadout created by SandovalCurse.

Type Pick
Main Weapon S12K
Sidearm R1895 or Crowbar
Attachments Extended QuickDraw Mag for Automatic Rifle & Red Dot Sight
Consumable First Aid Kit, Painkillers & Bandage

Loadout 2

Loadout created by azgoodaz.

Type Pick
Main Weapon UMP9
Sidearm R1895
Melee Pan
Attachments Extended QuickDraw Mag, Suppressor for SMG, Holographic Sight & Vertical Foregrip
Consumable First Aid Kit, Painkillers & Bandage

Main Weapons

For this loadout's main weapon, we suggest the S12K. The main draw of the S12K is that it's a highly powerful shotgun with a ton of stopping power, which makes it great for close quarters combat, and it has the high fire rate of a semi-auto.

While you lose quite a bit of range going with something like the S12K, that doesn't really matter in houses or small areas, as the range is ultimately negated as a concern the second you get within a handful of feet.


The R1895 makes a perfect sidearm for this build. While it shines in terms of stopping power, making it a great companion for the S12K, the main benefit of the R1895 is the fact that it has a pretty good effective range and stability rating.

This extended range and stability should allow you to deal some initial damage from midrange before you draw the S12K, tipping the scales in your favor. In a game like BATTLEGROUNDS, even a small advantage like that is very, very valuable.

A good secondary approach is to forget the firearm angle, and go for a melee weapon. The Crowbar would be our pick here, as it offers decent damage for limited capacity. That being said, you should definitely go for the firearm rather than the melee weapon, as depending on melee means you have to get so close that you're essentially evening the odds in a fire situation.


The Extended QuickDraw Mag for Automatic Rifle is a magnificent attachment for the S12K, increasing magazine capacity from 5 up to 8, allowing the user to suppress enemies without fears of running short on shells mid-fight.


As always, we heartily recommend Med Kit consumables. This is even more important given your close range nature, so stock up and use often if needed, as nothing else spells "you're going to die" in brighter letters than low health in close range combat.