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C4 is an explosive type weapon in BATTLEGROUNDS.


A brick of Composition-4 plastic explosive composed of four M112 demolition blocks wired to a detonator.

Update history

Update #42 (Season 7 - Update 7.3)

C4 is an interesting and powerful new tool that gives players new ways to strategically flush out timid opponents. With a massive 25 meter effective radius and damage that can penetrate cover, you’ll be wanting to run away when you hear this beeping brick of boom. A quick note about C4, we don’t intend this to be just another throwable. It has a pretty short range, but can be used to cut off enemy entry into a building or new zone, or as mentioned above can force enemies out of their safe positions.

  • C4 will start beeping and automatically detonate 16 seconds after being thrown
    • Detonation cannot be stopped or activated early
    • There is a warning LED on the C4 and audible beeping with increasing intensity, clearly audible inside the damage radius which warns you of the upcoming explosion
  • C4 sticks to most surfaces, including vehicles
    • It doesn’t stick to players
  • Effective damage radius is 25 metres, with a lethal damage radius of 15 meters
    • Damage extends vertically, but with slightly less range (lethal radius of 12.5 meters vertically)
    • The shockwave emitted from the explosion is so powerful it damages all enemies within its radius, even if they’re behind cover
  • Due to the weight of the C4 you can’t throw it far and you can’t carry many
  • Found as world loot on Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok
    • C4 will be added to Training Mode at a later date

Datamined Leak - 6/10/20

  • A second C4 like explosive was found in the game files.

Update #38 (Season 6 - Update 6.1) - vN/A

Pre-Update #30 - vN/A

  • The C4 was re-added to the game files.

Datamined Leak - 9/9/18

  • C4 was first revealed in the datamined files on September 9th [1].