PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Closed Beta Update 1

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  • Added DUOs game-mode. For this weekend, only DUOs will be available
  • Add ability to spectate your teammate when you die
  • Increased damage from unarmed melee attacks
  • Modified parachute system to give more control

Performance & Stability

  • Resolved a number of crash issues
  • Improved server performance. This should reduce the lag seen at the start of matches


  • Added BATTLEGROUNDS POINTS (BP) reward system
  • The Pioneer Crate can now be acquired using BP
  • The BP required to buy crates with will increase with each crate you buy
  • Added ability to trade unwanted skin items for BP
  • Added character customization options


  • The fences around the military base on the southern island will now be easier to destroy with vehicles


  • Added key-binding to hide in-game HUD (Ctrl + U)
  • When acquiring enemy loot, attachments will now appear in the items list
  • Added warning for duplicate key binds. This issue caused key-bindings not to be saved during the first week of testing



  • Resolved an issue with weapon sounds resulting in the inability to locate gunshot origin



  • Fixed collision for certain tunnels, buildings and trees
  • Fixed issues with indoor lighting and shadow effects
  • Fixed an issue where character would get trapped in certain areas

Gameplay & UI/UX

  • Fixed an issue causing map zoom in/out to lag at certain times.
  • Fixed inability to use items with hot keys while in driver's seat
  • Partially resolved the inability to pick up items off floors
  • Fixed kill message issues to do with remaining players
  • Fixed an issue causing certain attachments to not be attached from vicinity
  • Fixed an issue with map markers not displaying correctly
  • Fixed an issue of parachute getting stuck in certain situations

Action & Gunplay

  • Fixed the issue of being able to fire while reload animation is still playing for M249
  • Fixed issue of magazines disappearing when switching weapons
  • Fixed the issue of grenades not being able to damage multiple players
  • Fixed an issue causing the shotgun reload animation to be played constantly
  • Fixed an issue with throwable items not dropping when switching to another item
  • Fixed an issue causing the character to remain in the throwing motion after the action has been completed

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