PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Closed Beta Update 2

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  • Both SOLO and DUOs modes are available all weekend
  • It will now be easier to drive through wooden and barbed wire fences
  • The X key has been included in key bindings
  • The default screen setting is now “Fullscreen Windowed”
  • You can now press the F key to cut away from the parachute when it gets stuck in various objects

Performance & Stability

  • Server performance has been improved, and we have resolved multiple crash issues
  • Decreased the video and system memory that the game client uses
  • Resolved the client crash issue that occurred when trying to exit the game


  • Stats and leaderboards have been added. Results from the closed beta will be reset once the closed beta is over


Gameplay & UI/UX
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the items from being looted in some occasions
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in glare being too bright for certain scopes

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