PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Closed Beta Update 3

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  • Added SQUADS gamemode. In SQUADS, you can create teams from 1 to 4 players in size. You can enter a round with either the group you teamed up with, or be randomly teamed with 3 other players once in the match
  • Increased player count to 100 per match
  • All players now start the match in a single airplane
  • Fixed a bug that prevented certain items not being lootable due to them spawning inside of walls, or stuck between different objects


  • The moving speed when in the REVIVE state has been slightly increased
  • The moving speed when sprinting now varies slightly according to the weapon your character is holding
  • Improved the quality of swimming animations
  • Fixed an issue that caused the looting animation to not happen if a player has bad connectivity to the server


  • Fog effects have been added to long distance views when freefalling/parachuting down to the island


  • The compass on the top of the screen is now more visible
  • When in team modes, a speaker icon will appear next to the name of the teammate talking
  • When in team spectate mode and there are more than 2 teammates alive, you can toggle between views of the remaining teammates
  • The drag-and-unequip-from-inventory action has now been improved to be more responsive


  • Balance changes made to rankings. There won’t be any changes to any previous ranking attained


  • Fixed some issues that were causing client crashes
  • Fixed a bug that caused the character to go under the map when landing with a parachute
  • Fixed team spectator so now you will see all views (3rd/1st/ADS) of the spectated player
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from figuring out sound direction in spectate mode

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