Curse Trials

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Looking for Curse: Rivals? You can find that page at Curse Trials: Rivals.
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Curse Trials is an event that takes place in the BATTLEGROUNDS community presented by Curse.


Curse and Alienware team up every month to bring you another exciting three day competitive PUBG tournament. Full tournament stats and information can be found at the new home of PUBG Esports on Gamepedia, linked here.


Scoring is determined by the following rubric:

1st 100 PTS
2nd 90 PTS
3rd 80 PTS
4th 70 PTS
5th 60 PTS
6th 50 PTS
7th 40 PTS
8th 30 PTS
9th 25 PTS
10th 20 PTS
11th-12th 15 PTS
13th-14th 10 PTS
15th-16th 5 PTS
Additional Points +2 Point Per Kill

How It Works

Team Format: Squads
Unique Settings:

  • First-person Only: On
  • Red Zone: Off
  • AR Spawns: 2X
  • Ammunition Spawns: 1.5X
  • Costumes: Off

Server Location: Central United States
Casters: Travis and Alex from Curse


The Qualifiers decide who moves on to the Final on Friday. The Qualifier uses our point structure system to determine placement in each match. Our full point structure system is outlined at This month there are four (4) total Qualifier Groups (A, B, C, and D). These Groups play on the 24th and 25th of January. Each group plays four (4) total matches, the top four teams at the end of all four Group matches will move on to Saturday's Final.

Day 1 - Wednesday, January 24thth

  • Group A: 2:00pm EST (4 matches)
  • Group B: 5:00pm EST (4 matches)

Day 2 - Thursday, January 25th

  • Group C: 2:00pm EST (4 matches)
  • Group D: 5:00pm EST (4 matches)

Played on-stream live at


The Final is the conclusion of the Curse Trials, 16 teams from Qualifiers will compete in six (6) total matches on Friday, January 26th starting at 2pm EST. Similarly to the Qualifier, our Curse Trials Point Structure is used to determine placement in the Final. The #1 team (based off of total points) after all 6 matches are played are awarded 4x Red Hi-Top Trainers, along with having their names etched into our Hall of Fame on the Curse Twitch channel.

Day 3 - Final - Friday, January 26th

  • Match 1: 2:00pm EST
  • Match 2: 2:45pm EST
  • Match 3: 3:30pm EST
  • Match 4: 4:15pm EST
  • Match 5: 5:00pm EST
  • Match 6: 5:45pm EST
  • Played on-stream live at

All information about our event can be found at our website For updates on current and future events I also encourage you to follow our Twitter account @CurseTrials!

Rules information can be found here.

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