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Player customization
Character Customization Male.jpg

BATTLEGROUNDS allows for several elements of character customization ranging from the player itself to clothing in-game that players can get from crates.


In BATTLEGROUNDS, various elements of the player model can be customized to fit multiple variations of hair styles, skin tones, and other elements. The customization engine supports both male and female forms.

Upon playing PUBG for the first time, your greeted with the player customization screen, here you can choose your gender (Male or Female), and then change the little things like the face, face color, hair and hair color. Note that, if you don't like your players appearance, you will have to save up 3,000 BP (BP (Battle Points), in-game currency that you earn by completing and winning matches) to then change your players appearance. Yes, all items/skins do get saved upon changing appearance (you won't lose any skins, even if you switch from male to female or vice-versa).

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