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The DBNO (Down But Not Out) or 'Revive State' is a feature in BATTLEGROUNDS that can be used to revive downed squad mates.


The DBNO (Down But Not Out) feature was introduced in Alpha Update 3. Once players HP reaches 0 they will go into a DBNO state that players can only crawl and drop items, you cannot shoot or use items while in this state.


  • When a teammate is in DBNO state, players can revive them by nearing them and interacting with the character using the “F” key
    • The reviving time icon will be visible to both the squad mate reviving the player and the player down.
  • When in DBNO state, a players revive time will gradually decrease. When revive time reaches zero, the character will die and cannot be revived for the rest of the match.
    • The timer will not decrease if a teammate is attempting to revive a player.


  • When reviving your squad mate, it's best to have a smoke grenade in your inventory so that you can throw it down on the ground to revive a player in the open, or if possible revive your teammate behind cover (i.e, a wall, building, tree).


  • For every DNBO state a player is in, it will cause revive time to decrease at a faster rate for every subsequent time.
  • If a squad mate is in the DBNO state and the last player alive gets 'knocked out' or dead, everyone in the DBNO state will instantly die.

Update history[]

1.0 Update
  • UI/UX
    • Added indicators for team members to check their status (vehicle, parachuting, alive/dead, DBNO, connection status, etc.).

Closed Beta (3rd weekend) Update

  • Action
    • The moving speed when in the REVIVE state has been slightly increased.

Closed Beta Update

  • Gameplay
    • Added a “crawl” animation in the REVIVE state.

Alpha 2 (December Update)

  • DBNO
    • Once your character reaches 0 HP, you will enter the DBNO (Down But Not Out) state and your teammate has 90 seconds to revive you, or you will die permanently.
    • You can revive your teammate while they are in DBNO state by pressing F next to their body.
    • Once a player’s been revived, they return with 10% HP.
    • By dealing damage to a player in DBNO state, you will reduce the remaining time they have during which they can be revived.
    • You can enter the DBNO state multiple times during a match, but the time allowed for you to be revived will reduce each subsequent time (90s > 33s > 20s > 14s > 11s > 9s > 0s).
    • If your teammate is dead when you die, you will not enter DBNO state, but instead die immediately.