The DP-28 is an LMG in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, it starts out holding 47 rounds and shoots the 7.62 caliber. It is the second LMG of its class and the only LMG that can be found outside of a crate drop. This gun is currently unavailable outside Erangel.


The DP-28 is a rare weapon and can only be found if you are really lucky, the best places to look for this weapon are areas such as the Sosnovka Military Base and the Mylta Power Plant .


The DP-28 shoots 7.62 rounds and has a drum mag that holds 47 rounds, it also does a good amount of damage, allowing you to kill many players before having to reload. Unfortunately, reloading is what can kill you if you are cornered, for the gun has a 7-second reload time just like the M249. It can only hold one weapon slot, a scope all the way up to the 6X scope. The recoil of the weapon is okay if you are aiming but uncontrollable if free-firing, thankfully, when prone, a bi-pod will deploy and cut down recoil, again, however, the weapon is not meant for sniping and thus the bi-pod has questionable usage.


  • The DP-28 in the game should actually be called the DP or Degtyaryov machine gun since that was its name given to it by their manufacturers but by distributers and third party sources they named it DP-28 while others would call it the DP-27 though its controversial if those are offical names or not.
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