Drop Zone Guide

There are a variety of locations to drop into in PLAYERUNKNOWN's BATTLEGROUNDS.


At the start of each round, players parachute into action, dropping into a map complete with weapons, buildings, and vehicles. Knowing where to drop is pretty important - not only because it informs your strategy for the rest of the game depending on the loadout you end up with, but on the first minutes of the game depending on who lands with you. Accordingly, this guide will help you figure out the best places to drop into, as well as the caveats each presents to the player.


  • PUBG is a game about survival of the fittest. While this can mean the most aggressive player wins, it is by far not the average case. Knowing when to engage and when to lay low is key in having your first chicken dinner.
  • PUBG rewards an active playstyle. Just as much as being too aggressive will probably get you killed, being too passive will mean your opponents will have more and more of a tactical advantage through their gear.
  • Making use of the ingame sound can make all the difference. Knowing where shots are fired, where cars are driven and listening to that all too careless player stomping around in his punk boots all make for a great way to either engage on your terms, or make sure you dont engage at all.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses. While most players would love to excel in every aspect of the game, every player has their own strengths and weaknesses. Be aware of what you are capable of and make sure the situations you get yourself in favor your strengths and avoid your weaknesses.
  • Make use of every distraction. Sometimes you are pinned behind cover with no way out or you know where an enemy is, but cant get close without them seeing you. In those cases, using grenades is not your only option. Make use of the red zone, of the impending blue circle, of nearby gunfire, your teammates or even the loud sound of the airplane to get out of a bad situation, or into a good situation. Oftentimes, your opponent wont be able to track your movement.

Playing solo[]

  • As a solo player, you will always have some blind spots. While some positions will allow you to make sure no one sneaks up to you, as soon as you are in the open field, you will often have to rely on knowing where other players are probably going to be. Always keep track of how far the blue circle is, where the new white circle is and how likely it is that someone is behind you
  • Since you have no team to rely on, a single unsuppressed shot, even if it kills someone, can lead to your death. Players around your position will have a vague idea where you are while you probably dont know where they are. It is rarely advised to kill someone while completely exposed, even if your target is "an easy kill".

Playing duo/squad[]

  • When playing with a team, it is important to make sure all players have the same gameplan. Some players enjoy playing fast and ending rounds quickly, while others have a more tactical approach and aim for the endgame. If the team does not follow the same gameplan, the players will oftentimes not work as a team
  • When playing with a team, you can make sure all angles are secure at all times. This however requires communication. Make sure you use voice chat (or other methods of communication) to alert your teammates whenever something important is happening. Use the ingame compass (or notable site names) to inform your team where and what is happening.
  • An early death of a teammate does not automatically mean a round is lost and dying early yourself can be a great opportunity to learn from your teammates. If you are really not interested in watching the rest of the match when dead, maybe do something else until the match is finished. Ranting will only inhibit your team even further.



Map Section: DO and EO

Sosnovka is a military base in the south of Erangel. The base has a ton of equipment and weapons that can help you essentially immediately loadout, but this comes with a pretty significant caveat.

First and foremost, everyone goes to Sosnovka when they first start playing, which makes it a very threatening location to go to. Additionally, there are only three ways off the island - one of the two bridges or via the waterway. The waterway slows you down quite a bit, and the two bridges are often sniper nests, making it hard to survive on the island, and hard to get off.

That being said, if you can survive, Sosnovka has probably the best concentration of equipment and weapons on the entire map.



Map Section: DM

The schoolyard can be seen on the map as a large yellow square immediately south of Rozhok. The roof of the school nearby often spawns Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles, and the schoolyard has a decent amount of items hidden about. The swimming pool nearby is also a good loot spot. There's some domitory-like buildings next to school which also provide decent-to-good loot that should at least get you enough to engage in fights in the nearby Rozhok.

Players don't really drop here at lower levels, but in higher levels the player count starts to increase and eventually not rare for more than two squads landing there, making it a Erangel version of Hacienda del Patron or Ruins. A good strategy is to go to the the domitories first to get loot, then heading to School after the first safezone spawns. That way, the player count will be less and there might sti be some good leftover loot to get. If landing in school, going for the rooftops might be a better option than inside, as higher ground provides better view of your opponents.

Mylta Power[]


Map Section: GM

Mylta Power is a great location as it has roughly the same concentration of weapons and equipment as the military base with less average players going for it. There's quite a bit of travel between Myalta and the rest of the map, so many people avoid it to not die from the constricting map.

You'll have a rough time finding vehicles near or at Mylta Power, though, so you have about a minute to find your gear and start running. If you do find a vehicle west of Mylta Power, though, it might be worth returning, grabbing some stuff, and then getting out of dodge.



Map Section: BK and CK

Georgopol is a mixed bag in that it has the highest concentration of the widest variety of weapons and equipment, but is often populated by a crazy amount of players. This is a trade off, of course - if you survive, there's plenty of bodies left over with a ton of weapons and gear, so you don't really have to hunt for anything.

Additionally, cars are very common on the streets, so as soon as you get what you need, you can get away fast.