PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Early Access Week 8 Update

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Client Performances Improvements

  • Slightly improved the drop in FPS when there are vehicles near the character

Anti Cheat

  • In order to prevent using "lag switch" to cheat, the characters will now be locked and will not be able to move, rotate and attack others when the ping exceeds a certain value
  • You will no longer be able to remove the environment foliage by revising the .ini file

Custom Games

  • Fixed the issue that was causing the sound to break when there are too many vehicles in a small area

Bug Fixes

  • Partially fixed a bug that caused the character to get stuck in different objects in the environment
  • Partially fixed a bug that caused the game client to freeze
  • Fixed a bug that caused the crosshair to still be visible while in no-UI mode
  • Temporarily removed the Flash Bang from the game as it was causing game clients to freeze/crash

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