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Energy Drink is a type of Consumable in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Energy Drink is a type of Healing and a speed boost (if using two) Consumable in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Energy Drinks take 4.0 seconds to cast and the player needs to be standing still (or not moving in a car) to cast the action and then must stay still until the cast timer is gone for the effects to take place.

Energy drinks have the same effects as the painkillers, but weaker. They heal the players HP up slowly and can heal the player past the 75% mark. If the player's HP is full, they get bonus health that slowly goes down over time. If the player drinks two when the effects are still on, they give the player a speed boost in all player movement.


  • Players can start moving (walking, running, or drive) when the timer is at .5 sec, and still receive effects of the Energy Drink. So, the player starts moving quicker.
  • Energy Drinks can heal the player over the 75% mark, so the player can heal (if under) or use the Energy Drink to heal themsevles to full HP.

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