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12/19/18 (Version:
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Pistol, Other
Flares as a usable weapon or supply signal.

The Flare gun a pistol type weapon in BATTLEGROUNDS.


The Flare gun is an extremely rare weapon that when fired, calls in a custom air drop that drops a larger amount of highly valuable equipment compared to the ordinary air drop. Once a flare is fired straight up into the air and reaches an altitude of 200 meters, a plane will soon fly over the map and drop off either a crate if the player is inside the safe zone, or a BRDM-2 if outside. Firing a flare at a player causes no damage [1].

Flares as a usable weapon or supply signal.
~ In-game description

Update history

Pre-release #29
  • Flare Gun UI Improvement
    • Changed the Flare Gun crosshair to display as a circle when aiming at the correct position to successfully call in a Special Care Package or Armored UAZ.
    • Adjusted the Flare Gun status UI displayed after calling in a Special Care Package or Armored UAZ.
      • The green flashing light is now removed once the drop leaves the plane.
      • Previously, it would remain until the drop had been on the ground for 30 seconds.

Pre-release #27

  • UI/UX
    • Many players felt the icons and on-screen message related to Flare Guns did not match the style of PUBG as a realistic Battle Royale experience. We agree and have removed them.
      • Removed the Flare Gun icon from the world map and mini-map.
      • Removed the on-screen message indicating incoming special care packages.
  • Sound Adjustments
    • As a result of adding Flare Guns, there were many more planes flying by regularly which led to much frustration from players due to both the volume and frequency.
      • Altitude of the plane delivering Flare Gun special care packages is now set to 500m (raised from 350m).
      • Subsequently, the audible volume of the planes will now be lower.
  • Adjusted Loot Balance
    • Reduced Flare Gun Spawn Rate to an average of 3 Flare Guns per game for all maps.
      • We want the Flare Gun to be a rare item with great benefits, but at a high risk.
      • Reduced the Care Package contents from 2 sets to 1 set in squad mode, which is the same as solo/duo mode.
      • Reduced total Flare Gun care packages available to be called in per game.
        • Now only 2 sets of special care packages and 2 armored UAZ can be called in per game total, down from 3.

Pre-release #26

  • Added a new item, Flare Gun.
    • Flare Guns are now available in public matches and can be found as a rare item spawning in the world.
      • If you're lucky enough to find a Flare Gun, fire it directly into the air after the initial blue zone has closed to call in a special care package.
      • When firing the Flare Gun inside the current safe zone, you'll call in a special care package with lots of loot, or an armored UAZ when fired while outside the current safe zone.
    • Based on your feedback through our public Flare Gun tests, we've made changes to improve the gameplay experience with this item.
      • Flare Guns used in the early phase of the game often give a great advantage with little risk, therefore, the Flare Gun will only deliver a care package when used after the first blue zone phase.
      • A message will be shown on the UI when a nearby player successfully calls in a special care package with the Flare Gun and an icon indicating the location of the drop will be displayed on the map.
      • Calling in an armored UAZ will not display a message on the UI, or be indicated on the map.
    • The Flare Gun spawn rate is different on each map.



Weapon audio

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Normal Shot
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