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Gas Can
Icon jerrycan.png
Fills up a vehicle's gas tank partially.

3 seconds cast time

The Gas Can is a consumable item for vehicles in BATTLEGROUNDS.


Contains a random amount of gas which can be used to refuel a vehicle. Because a random amount of fuel is added to the vehicle, it is best to refuel the vehicle when less than half full.

Update history[]

Update #41 (Season 7 - Update 7.2)

With the last Gas Can update, we made it so gas cans could explode when being shot. We’re adding more options with this update, which should give players some more innovative ways to set traps and take down opponents.

  • You can equip the Gas Can in a melee weapon slot.
  • Press “attack” to pour gas on the ground. It takes around 7 seconds to empty the can.
  • Spilled fuel can be set on fire with gun shots, molotovs, and grenade explosions. Fire deals the same damage as a molotov, but burns longer (~20 seconds).
  • Spilled fuel evaporates in about 3.5 minutes.
  • You can also throw the Gas Can the same way as melee weapons (aim, then press attack), which causes it to release some fuel upon landing, making it easier to ignite and explode.
  • Gas Cans cannot be picked up or reused after being thrown, but can still explode.

Changes to Gas Can explosions:

  • Deals less initial damage. Max 40 dmg, which scales down with distance from the explosion.
  • Now sets the nearby area on fire like a molotov, dealing damage over time.

Pre-Update #30 - vN/A

  • Improved Gas Can
    • Added strategic elements to the Gas Can, an item that used to be seen to have few advantages to loot.
    • As soon as Gas Can explodes, it will deal damage to all players in a radius around it's location.
    • When the Gas Can is blown up, it deals damage in a radius around it, dealing more damage to those close by.
    • Keep in mind that you can hurt both yourself and your teammates if you stand to close to the explosion, so be careful!

How to use

    • Drop a Gas Can on the ground and damage it with bullets or throwables, which will cause it to explode and deal damage to those close by.
    • Each Gas Can will now display individually in the inventory when players have more than one Gas Can to reduce confusion, as dropping multiple Gas Cans will not multiply the damage.