Georgopol is a main city in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and is possibly the largest city on Erangel.


Georgopol is split into two halves, one is a network of apartments connected by roads and the other is a collection of Cargo containers and a port. These two halves are connected by bridge, which overlooks the city.

The town is a popular landing spot, with a variety of weapons and armour. Prepare for an immediate firefight upon landing.


  • The Apartments are small multi-level buildings located on the north half of the city. They have flat rooves, so snipers can occupy them to attack the car occupants.
  • Cargo Containers are the stacks of containers that occupy about half of the south part of the city. The blue ones are opened, and can contain armour, and occasionally weapons and attachments.
  • The Port is the ocean docks that contain centres that are filled with a prominent amount of weapons, consumables and attachments.
  • The Bridge is the large bridge that connects the two halves. It overlooks the city, meaning that bridge campers can attack the waterways.
  • The River is the large river that starts at the mouth at Georgopol and stretches through most of Erangal.



  • The bridge gives any player occupying it control of the top of the city
  • A common tactic involves players landing, looting and stealing a boat to travel downstream.
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