Ghillie Suit

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Ghillie Suit
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The Ghillie Suit is a multi-slot outfit in BATTLEGROUNDS that can only be found in air drops. Designed to resemble background environments such as foliage, snow or sand, a ghillie suit can conceal its wearer extremely well, although ghillie suits are useless against thermal detection. Fortunately, in BATTLEGROUNDS players lucky enough to come across one of these need not worry.


The Ghillie Suit is a piece of clothing designed to conceal the player by making them blend in with the background. It performs well in bushes large enough to obscure most of the player's body, although it may not be suited for urban combat.

The ghillie suit has the ability to conceal backpacks, obscuring their protruding shape thus making a player harder still to detect. It should be noted that weapons carried on your back may still stick out rather prominently, necessitating discarding a gun in favor of better concealment should the situation demand it.

The ghillie suit comes in three map-specific variants, with the exception of Camp Jackal where the woodland and desert variants can be found:



The woodland variant features a green color scheme to match environments expected in temperate forests and lush country. As such, it appears in Erangel and Sanhok.



The desert variant features a brown/khaki color scheme to match environments expected in deserts and other arid areas. As such, it only appears in Miramar.


The arctic variant features a white color scheme to match environments expected in sub-zero temperatures and snowy areas. As such, it only appears in Vikendi.



  • The woodland ghillie suit originally had a much rougher appearance until a patch gave it the updated model it now has. The desert variant remains unaffected by this change however, although there appears to be an unused updated icon for the desert ghillie suit.

Related Achievements

Achievement Name Picture Description Platform
Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Achievement-Now You See Me Now You Don't.jpg

Equip a ghillie suit for the first time.