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The Kriss Vector is a type of Submachine Gun in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. It is a very powerful SMG most appropriate for short to mid-range combat.

Kriss Vector


The Vector is moderately accurate, and is quite possibly the most accurate SMG in the game, making it a good choice for someone who wants to combine accuracy and increased mobility. It can hold most minor scopes, and shares extended mags with some assault rifles.

Its only downside is its ammo capacity. As it has a very small magazine, you will probably not kill any more than 1-2 players before having to reload. Fortunately, the quick reload speed allows for increased survivability in firefights.The Extended Magazine for this weapon nearly doubles its ammo count and allows increased survivability in fights. It can fit most close range scopes as well, holding scopes from Mira Dot to the 4X scope.

Overall rating: 8.5/10

Usability During gameplay

For the first seven-eighths of a game, the Vector will be extremely useful as it allows you to destroy people at close range and somewhat at medium range. For most close-quarters and mid-range encounters, this thing will be your dream. The vector begins to lose its luster as the game begins to wind down, and things begin to heat up. During the final 2-3 circles, parachute drops will become more often along and allow for use as sniping fodder. Most likely in the last two, your battle will be a sniper duel, at this point, casting aside the vector and going for crate drops such as the AWM or Groza will be optimal. But, if you do decide to keep it, have it set on single and anticipate movements.

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