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Panzerfaust is an explosive type weapon exclusive to Karakin in BATTLEGROUNDS.


The Panzerfaust is a rocket launcher that's a a primary weapon slot, limiting your options on the diverse terrain of Karakin. The projectile travels pretty quickly, but can be dodged by the attentive player. There's also a backblast area behind the Panzerfaust, so watch out for those squadmates before you go firing it off.

Update history[]

Update #39 (Season 6 - Update 6.3) - vN/A
  • New Weapon
    • Karakin exclusive.
    • Uncommon world spawn found across the map.
    • Guaranteed to be in every airdrop.
    • The Panzerfaust warhead explodes upon impact, but can also be blown up mid air.
      • The damage radius is 6m from the point of impact.
      • The explosion can deal splash damage through thin walls and objects, up to a short distance.
      • Can be used to breach specific walls on Karakin, much like the Sticky Bomb.
      • The warhead will explode mid air, before impact if damaged by explosions or shot by a bullet.
    • One time use.
      • Once the warhead is fired, the Panzerfaust tube will be discarded and cannot be picked back up.
    • Firing the warhead produces a backblast, so be careful!
      • The backblast damages those within a 3m zone behind the weapon.
      • Be careful you don't have any teammates, or a wall too close behind you. You've been warned.
    • Zeroing options at 60, 100 (default) and 150 meters.

Datamined Leak - 2/15/20

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