Top Speed:
112 km/h
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The Pickup is an off-road vehicle featured in BATTLEGROUNDS. Only appearing on Miramar, it takes the role of the UAZ.


The Pickup can be seen as Miramar's equivalent of the UAZ - both have closed and open topped variants, and both fulfil the same niche of being excellent off-road performers. Its high ground clearance and engine torque make it suitable for tackling Miramar's rough and bumpy desert terrain, being capable of hill starts even on fairly steep inclines, although its stopping distance leaves more to be desired. It also has a wide turning circle, even wider than the UAZ, making it a poor choice when navigating tight turns and corners. Compared to the UAZ, the slower acceleration, slightly lower top speed and poorer handling performance leave occupants more vulnerable to gunfire, especially since Miramar is much larger than Erangel.

As with other vehicles, gas cans can be used while stationary to refuel, and a horn can be used to get the attention of teammates or anyone else within earshot of the horn. Cruising speed on a level surface tops out at around 102 km/h, however the engine can be boosted for a maximum speed of 112 km/h at the cost of increased fuel consumption.


Closed Top


The closed top Pickup provides slightly more protection due to the roof and pillars blocking bullets, although the large open windows still leave the rear passengers more exposed to gunfire, although less than that of the open top Pickup.

Open Top


The lack of a roof for the cargo area means that passengers sitting behind the cabin will be highly vulnerable to gunfire from the rear and sides, therefore caution should be advised when driving near potential ambush points.

Update history

  • This vehicle was leaked in the game files on November 13th, 2017 from datamined files [1] in the Test Server PC 1.0 update patch notes.
    • First introduced in the Test Server PC 1.0 update #3, it was then officially released in the PC 1.0 update on December 21st, 2018.


  • The Pickup is based on a combination of the Second generation Chevrolet K5 Blazer with elements of the 1972 - 1979 Sixth generation Ford Bronco/Ford F-Series, such as the flared side skirts and fenders. The Bronco was originally an off-road only vehicle intended to become a direct competitor for the Chevrolet K5 Blazer/GMC Jimmy. The Bronco's small size, riding on a 92-inch (2,337 mm) wheelbase, made it maneuverable for some uses, but impractical as a tow vehicle.
  • The Pickup's license plate F2HNK (F to honk) is a reference to a common practical joke in the PUBG community — the F key by default enters and exits a vehicle, however, inattentive or new players are often told to press the F key to activate the horn while driving at speed, resulting in the driver's untimely death.
  • The dashboard speedometer has 55 MPH highlighted, a holdover from the National Maximum Speed Law enacted in the US during the 1980s as a result of the 1973 oil crisis.

Vehicle audio

Audio Type Track preview
Pickup Honk