Pochinki is a town located in the central region of Erangel and is one of the largest and most popular towns in the map.


The town consists of a large concentration of houses and outposts, with strong amounts of gear, weapons, and military grade equipment and attachments. It also has multiple garages, which are spaced around the town.

Common Equipment

Points of interest

  • The Central Hall Is an area around the centre of Pochinki which has a high loot spawn and a garage outside, harbouring a Dacia.
  • The Trenches are deep crevices just outside Pochinki that provide excellent cover and allow for escaping.


  • If playing in squad, it is common for around 4-5 squads to land in Pochinki, and battle it out until only one squad controls the town. If you need to evacuate the town because of this, the garages are always easy to access to make an escape run.
  • Watch for snipers in the outpost. With a high amount (For the map) of gun mods and sniper rifles, Victorious players are often waiting to pick out those escaping from the town.
  • Do not approach the town after 5-10 minutes. By this time, a squad/duo will have control over the town and pick you off on approach.
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