PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Pre-Alpha Launch Update

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Note: Some items were duplicated and included in the Alpha Launch Update. Those items have been removed from the below.


  • Added Trench Coat
  • Added face mask
  • Added item variation for accessories and skins
  • Added 3 types of Battle Royale clothing sets as rewards


  • Added Boost System
    • When Boost Item is used, the blue boost gauge on the right side of HP gauge goes up
    • Character movement speed increases when boost gauge is over 50% and gun aiming accuracy increases when gauge is over 80%
  • Added proximity chat
  • Added push-to-talk
  • Added vehicle refueling system
  • Added fuel loot items
  • Characters are now able to swim in ocean.
    • Added oxygen gauge
    • If underwater for more than 50 seconds, health will drop drastically
    • Weapons cannot be used underwater
    • WASD for movement, C to dive underwater



  • Added bullet crack/whizz sounds depending on distance from player (close = crack, far = whizz)
  • Added sound propagation for weapons (delay with distance)
  • Added simple indoor reverb and outdoor reflection effects
  • Added sound obstruction - world objects decrease sound volume and pitch, depending on degree of obstruction (WIP)
  • Reworked most gun sounds and their attenuation ranges


  • Added key binding customization options
  • Grenades can be switched using the 4 key
  • Bandage usage rule was changed
    • When using Bandage twice in a row, you were unable to use second bandage, but from now on, even when first bandage is still in use, second bandage can be applied, resetting bandage casting time
  • Added ability to open doors while moving
  • UI design was updated
  • Added seat information and tire status to vehicle UI element
  • Added mouse sensitivity control and invert option


  • Added character statistics and ranking page
  • Added 2D replay function
  • Added Rewards System
  • After a round, BG points (WIP) are rewarded. BG points can be traded for clothing crates

Performance Tuning

  • RAM usage was improved. The HIGH graphic quality option now uses under 6GB

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