The R45 is a type of pistol in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.


A sturdy, innovative 6-shooter from Italy, firing powerful .45 caliber cartridges. Like the R1895 it replaces, it is much more powerful per shot than any other handgun but has a low ammunition capacity (which cannot be altered by means of a magazine extension) and a lower rate of fire.

It also differs from the R1895 in several ways:

  • It fires the plentiful .45 ACP instead of 7.62 mm.
  • It carries only six rounds (instead of 7), but since its cylinder folds out, allowing all six rounds to be loaded at once (instead of rounds being loaded individually) the Rhino has a much quicker reload.
  • It cannot have a suppressor but can take a red dot sight, allowing for much easier aiming.
  • It is an unconventional revolver design that fires from the lowermost chamber instead of the uppermost, which lowers the axis of the bore and gives it significantly lower recoil than other revolvers.



Red Dot Sight.


  • It's based on the italian Chiappa Rhino.
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