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The Revive System is particular to Team Play in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

  • In two-player team mode, once players' HP reaches 0, their character will enter DBNO (Down But Not Out) state
  • While in DBNO state, a character won’t be able to fire weapons or use items.
  • While in DBNO state, a character can only crawl and drop items.
  • When in DBNO state, a character’s revive time will gradually decrease. When revive time reaches zero, the character will die and cannot be revived for the rest of the match
    • The timer will not decrease if a teammate is attempting to revive a player.
  • When a teammate enters DBNO state, the teammate icon on the HUD will change to indicate that the teammate needs help
  • If a character enters DBNO state while their teammate is either dead or also already in a DBNO state, the character will instantly die.
  • When a teammate is in DBNO state, players can revive them by nearing them and interacting with the character using the “F” key
    • The reviving time icon will be visible to both the reviver and the revivee.
  • It is possible for a character to enter DNBO state multiple times in a single match, but it will cause revive time to decrease at a faster rate for every subsequent time.
  • Players were caught in a vehicle explosion while inside the vehicle or were underwater for too long will die without entering DBNO state, even when there is another teammate still alive.

Patch changes

  • PUBG Icon Early Access Week 10 UpdateFixed a bug that caused a player to die without entering the REVIVE state when being shot by a shotgun or a full-auto weapon in DUO or SQUAD modes.; Fixed a bug that caused a player to go back into the REVIVE state when two players start the revive action and one cancels.
  • PUBG Icon Early Access Month 2 UpdateFixed a bug that caused all teammates to enter the REVIVE state when one teammate is hit by a bomb in Red Zone while being in a vehicle; Fixed a bug that caused the REVIVE gauge not to disappear when the character being revived is disconnected.
  • PUBG Icon Early Access Month 1 UpdateYou are now able to move sideways and backwards in the REVIVE state; The REVIVE timer will no longer decrease when a team mate is attempting to revive you; When attempting to REVIVE a team mate, the reviving timer icon will now also be visible to the player being revived; Adjusted the character position slightly when in the REVIVE state.
  • PUBG Icon Early Access Week 1 UpdateFixed an issue in the REVIVE system where a player would get stuck in the revive animation when the downed player died.
  • PUBG Icon Closed Beta Update 3The moving speed when in the REVIVE state has been slightly increased.
  • PUBG Icon Closed Beta Launch UpdateAdded a “crawl” animation in the REVIVE state.
  • PUBG Icon Alpha Update 3Added.
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