Developed by:
Seoul (KR)
Co-developed studio:
Madison (USA)
Thailand / Philippines
Jungle / Rain forest
Grass, Woodland, Urban
Game modes:
PC, Xbox One, PS4 & Mobile
Type of combat:
CQC (Close Quarters Combat)
A lush Asian jungle

Sanhok (Codename: Savage) is the 3rd playable map but the 4th map in total for BATTLEGROUNDS, Sanhok is a 4x4km island compared to other maps that are 8x8km. Sanhok is the first map where BATTLEGROUNDS implemented a dynamic circle. This dynamic circle sees how many players are alive then will calculate if the blue zone should move faster or slower throughout the match.

Development on this map began sometime in 2017 [1] and in March of 2018, PC Gamer had the privilege to announce/reveal the map [2]. A month later PUBG Corp created a new standalone client called "PUBG: Experimental Server" just to test Sanhok on April 2nd, 2018. The client at first an invite only client (where you needed a key in order to download the client), mostly only content creators and PUBG Partners had access to it and due to uproar within the community, PUBG Corp later on opened it up to all owners of PUBG on Steam. Codename: Savage consisted of 4 rounds of testing phases in the Experimental client to take out any performance hitting bugs, glitches and even optimizing the map better. Later that Summer on June 22nd, 2018 it went to the live client on PC and then on September 4th, 2018 (launch of 1.0) it got released for Xbox One. On July 22nd, the Sanhok (Remastered) was released, an overhaul to the original map.



Sanhok (Remastered) was the first map that the art team of PUBG Corp visited a location specifically for world art development. By physically being in the jungles and mountains in a humid Asian country, it not only made them imagine what the new map will play like, but they felt the breeze, smelled the air and heard the sounds. All of these experiences are helping the team create a unique map experience.

The map is inspired by a wide variety of islands in Thailand and the Philippines, the PUBG Art team; comprised of Technical Artists, Concept Artists and 3D Environment Artists, they took photos (Photogrammetry) to capture the island then transfer that to the game engine to design Sanhok [3].

Update history[]

Update #48 (Season 9 - Update 10.1)

We've heard your feedback and have made changes to Sanhok's weather, reducing overall brightness and re-balancing the color palette, alongside improving interiors. See Sanhok (Remastered)#Gallery.

Update #45 (Season 8 - Update 8.3) - vN/A

  • Added Pai Nan and Bootcamp to Team Deathmatch.
    • With the added maps, the map ratio for Sanhok in TDM has been increased
  • Added additional natural cover in the form of trees and rocks outside Bootcamp, Sanhok on both the North and West sides
  • Since the recent sound improvements to the Kar98k and SKS, we've received feedback that the overall volume of the sounds are too loud. We've heard your feedback and have lowered the volume when firing both the Kar98k and SKS
  • Destructible wooden shacks have been re-added to Erangel
    • These were temporarily replaced with concrete shacks in Update 8.2 due to a technical issue

Sanhok Loot Truck

  • Added Jammer Pack to available loot pool.
  • Greatly reduced the number of Level 3 Helmets and Ghillie suits drops.
  • Limited the number of duplicate item drops from Loot Trucks, to prevent situations where excessive loot of the same type is dropped from one Loot Truck.

Update #43 (Season 8 - Update 8.1)

The main feature of update 8.1 is of course Sanhok, which has been reworked from the ground up to look better, perform better, and offer more balanced gameplay. We wanted Sanhok to feel more like a forgotten, overgrown paradise while addressing some of the most glaring balance issues we’ve seen over the last couple of years. We’re happy with what we’ve created and hope you are as well. Read on below for some snippets on what we’ve changed in some of the island’s more prominent areas.

Sanhok Balance Update

The Remastered Sanhok will feature mostly similar item spawns compared to previous version of Sanhok. Although there are some changes:

  • Panzerfaust added to world loot.
  • Vehicle spawns adjusted, with some removed to facilitate the new Loot Truck routes.


  • Remastered Sanhok will feature clear day, sunrise, sunset, and overcast weather types.
  • In Ranked Mode, clear day will be the only weather type.


Sanhok is a map based within the Southeast Asia region.


  • The name of the map was revealed by the Developers on May 7th 2018. [4]
  • First, the Thai word for “fun:” สนุก (pronounced like “sah-nook”). Second, the Filipino (Tagalog) word for “chicken:” manok (pronounced like "mah-nok)." Combine the two and you get Codename: Savage’s new name; Sanhok (pronounced "sah-nok)."


Graphical map[]



Major landmarks[]




Inside PUBG - Sanhok Remaster