Sosnovka Military Base is a Soviet Military Base in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and the largest and most dangerous location in Erangel.


The base is officially the richest in loot and dangerous location possibly in the entire game. With an array of firearms from the humble S12K automatic shotgun to the Kar98k sniper rifle and the M416 assault rifle, it is the perfect landing spot for the hardened veteran wanting to fight it out for the best gear.

There are two bridges leading onto the base from the mainland, and are ridden with the wreckages of (supposedly) failed attempts to cross the bridge in earlier rounds.

Points of Intrest

  • The Crashed Airfield is a long airstrip, with about eight to twelve planes crashed alongside it. Careful looting in these plane wreckages may find some interesting and rewarding finds
  • The Wherehouse is a series of sheds that are filled with TONS of Military gear, from Spetsnaz helmets to military vests, and the best assault rifles to find, such as the FN Scar-L and the AKM.
  • The Outskirts are fields with small military towers, which have a good supply of scopes and attachments.
  • The Main Centre is the place where the best loot is found.

Loot found


  • Hardened Veterans only. Upon landing, be prepared for an imminent firefight.
  • Watch for snipers. If you notice a lack of sniper rifles, especially if searching the Main Centre, they are probably already taken and will hunt you down if not careful.
  • Get out as soon as possible. The Blue Circle rarely shrinks on the Military Base, so if you're not careful, you might get stuck outside.
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