An Submachine Gun (often abbreviated as SMG) is a automatic carbine designed to fire low caliber cartridges. In the game they are a great form of close range defense and offense and utilize low caliber cartridges such as 9mm and .45 ACP making them easy to feed.

Image Name Damage Mode Attachments Speed Ammo Type
Micro UZI - Weapon - PUBG Micro UZI 23 Single & Auto 3 350 9mm
Tommy Gun Tommy Gun 38 Single & Auto 3 280 .45 ACP
Icon weapon UMP UMP-9 35 Single, Burst, and Auto 4 400 9mm
Kriss Vector Kriss Vector 31 Single, Burst, and Auto 4 300 .45 ACP
MP5K 33 Single, Burst, Auto 4 9mm
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