The Thompson SMG is a type of Submachine Gun in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. It shoots .45 ACP rounds and has a starting mag size of 30, though this can be taken to 50 with the extended magazine.

Weapon Details

The Thompson’s firing rate is similar to the UMP and the magazine is the same size, it has the most damage of any SMG in the game, although it’s fire rate is the lowest out of the SMGs. It also shares its initial magazine size with the UMP, although it can hold more ammo with an extended/extended quickdraw mag (holding 50 rounds). The Thompson has three attachments, a magazine, foregrip and muzzle attachment. It is important to note that the foregrip only allows the vertical foregrip and the muzzle only allows a suppressor. The weapon does not have any option for sights and must rely on its iron sights. The iron sights are pretty good for this weapon, allowing it good close range aim. The gun has automatic firing mode and single firing mode.

Use in Gameplay

The Thompson is the king of close range battles, but the iron sights may be difficult to use for someone unfamiliar with them. This is not putting down the gun, however, as it will seriously kick anyone's butt in cqc. The weapon falls apart at anything > 40 meters, however, as the iron sights allow limited magnification and the lack of options for firing make it less than bad for medium to long range firing.

Patch changes

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