The UMP-9 is a submachine gun type weapon in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

The UMP, short for Universal Machine pistol, is a submachine gun designed by Heckler & Koch. The UMP is the successor to the MP5, though both are in service to this day. The UMP-9 featured in the game is the 9mm variant of the original UMP-45 chambered for .45 ACP. Widely adopted by police and governmental agencies, with wide adoption specifically amongst the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency, it also sees popularity with players as an well-rounded, balanced SMG with manageable recoil and decent firepower.


The UMP-9 deals the second highest damage of all the SMGs, right behind the Tommy Gun, making it a very viable late-stage gun when fitted out with attachments. Its already controllable recoil can be reduced even further with a foregrip and compensator, although stealthy players may opt for a suppressor instead since it already has minimal recoil to begin with.

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