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Adriatic Sea
Snow forest
Snow, Mountainous, Sea
Game modes:
PC, Xbox One, PS4 & Mobile
An isolated Northern resort island

Vikendi (Codename: Dihorotok) is the 4th playable map that is in the works for BATTLEGROUNDS, Vikendi is a 6x6 island on the Adriatic Sea.

This Vikendi (Season 7) map overhaul was released on Test Server April 14th, 2020.




The map is inspired by Slovenia to create the visual design of the map [1].

Update history[]

Update #47 (Season 9 - Update 9.2)

Vikendi Quality of Life Update

Vikendi is also getting a few small convenience adjustments this update. We've adjusted the circle settings to be a little more inland, removed some small clutter that was hindering vehicle movement, adjusted the number of house sets to make final phases more open, and more.

  • Fixed tendency for the first circle to lean too much towards the outskirts of the map. The Safe Zone will now commonly appear more inland.
  • We have removed small objects around farms and fields which were inhibiting vehicle movement.
  • The number of house sets has been reduced, as the space between house sets has been modified to ensure late game Blue Zones aren't overly abundant with buildings. We hope this will have more fights in the fields.
  • Large rocky areas around the center of the map and rocky hills at the East of the cement Factory have been changed to enable access while on foot and in vehicles.
  • Removed small objects around the river which were not able to be used as a cover and hindered player movement.

Update #42 (Season 7 - Update 7.3)

To help put more focus on the train system, we’ve added another line, additional stops, and some visual and audio improvements to let you know when your trains arrive and depart. We’ve added some more DMRs and some scenery changes to end out the season as well.

  • Added new train line
    • Towards the center of the map, we’ve added another train line spanning vertically to help better connect the whole system and make it easier to move across the map
  • Improvements to existing lines
    • We’ve put a bigger focus on longer routes, lengthening existing train lines which should help players travel a substantial distance, without having to change trains multiple times
  • Stations and signals
    • Trains will now move through two stations before changing direction, to give you some more time to catch up and jump on
    • New flashing traffic lights and unique arrival and departure sounds will now alert you to arriving and departing trains
  • Additional Cover
    • Added more tree and rock cover in towns and regions where it was lacking
  • Dinoland
    • Artificial geysers have been added to Dinoland
  • Loot Balance
    • Increased DMR spawns slightly on Vikendi

Update #41 (Season 7 - Update 7.2)

  • Vikendi: New small house sets added
  • In order to enhance loot in spots outside of major landmarks, some small house sets have been added with improved item spawns.
  • Supplemented item spawn spots in certain buildings in Dinoland that had below average loot.

Update #40 (Season 7 - Update 7.1)

In Vikendi (Season 7), a good portion of the snow was removed due to feedback that players had no visibility. When it comes to weather the only 'Clear' & 'Snow' will be playable. 'Moonlight' was removed from the map.

  • Trains have been added and can be found moving along multiple tracks across Vikendi ((9 trains and 12 different stations).
    • There is a major train line that extends along the perimeter of Vikendi, with 6 connected tracks towards the inland areas of the island.
    • Trains stop temporarily at train stations across the map.
  • Reduced snow cover.
    • Snow cover is reduced more on the Southern areas of the island.
  • Snowmobile‎‎ & Snow Bike have been removed.
    • Motorcycle and Motorcycle with sidecar will spawn instead, being more versatile vehicles for the updated terrain.
  • Weather will be either Clear or Snowy.
    • Moonlight has been removed for now, but will return with visual improvements at a later date.
  • General map optimizations have been made.
  • You can play the updated Vikendi in custom matches.
  • A new Cargo Depot has been added.
  • Abbey has been relocated to Mount Kreznik.
  • Volnova now has much more cover.
  • Tovar and Movatra have been removed.


Vikendi is a map based on an isolated Northern resort island on the Adriatic Sea.


Vikendi being on the Adriatic Sea is contradicted by the fact that the entire coastline of the Adriatic Sea reaches a yearly minimum temperature of ~12 °C, way too far from the snow limit of 0 °C. The Slovenian and italian northern coast is also warm and mountainless, with the mountains rising deeper inland. A much more feasible place for an island like this would be the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, or the Barents Sea in spring or fall.


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