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Wanderer Crate
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Not Tradable, Marketable
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The Wanderer Crate is a clothing cosmetic crate in BATTLEGROUNDS.


A crate that has 1 set of Battle Royale movie inspired/related clothing. The rest of the clothing in the crate are random clothing that were already in-game that spawned during a match randomly or that were in the Pioneer Crate.

You can use your Battle Points (BP) to buy this crate on the REWARDS page. These crates have a limit of 6 crates per week, you can either get the Wanderer Crate or one of 9 other random crates.

Survivor/Wanderer prices:

  • 1st Crate: 700 BP
  • 2nd Crate: 1,400 BP
  • 3rd Crate: 2,800 BP
  • 4th Crate: 4,200 BP
  • 5th Crate: 5,600 BP
  • 6th Crate: 7,000 BP

Update history[]

As of 12/11/19:
  • Wanderer Crate is at 16%. [1]

As of 10/2/18:

  • Wanderer Crate is at 10%. [2]

As of 6/19/18:

  • Wanderer Crate is at 5%. [3]


  • Q: How do I get access to these skins?
A: You can either buy the crate or buy the skins individually.
  • Q: Do I get the whole clothing set in 1 crate?
A: No, it's 1 item per crate.
  • Q: If I have a male character, will I have to switch to a female to wear female clothes?
A: No, all clothes are unisex.

Crate items[]

Here are the list of items you can get in the Wanderer Crate.

Image Name Category
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Ballistic Mask.png [[Ballistic Mask|]] Ballistic Mask Mask
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment BloodyCombatPants.png [[Bloody Combat Pants|]] Bloody Combat Pants Pants
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Feet E 02.png [[Blue Hi-top Trainers|]] Blue Hi-top Trainers Shoes
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Feet A 01.png [[Boots (Punk)|]] Boots (Punk) Shoes
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Legs Porket Pants (Beige).png [[Cargo Pants (Beige)|]] Cargo Pants (Beige) Pants
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Legs Porket Pants (Blue).png [[Cargo Pants (Blue)|]] Cargo Pants (Blue) Pants
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Legs Porket Pants (Khaki).png [[Cargo Pants (Khaki)|]] Cargo Pants (Khaki) Pants
Icon equipment Body C 01.png [[File:|52px]] Dirty Tank-top (White) [[Dirty Tank-top (White)|]] Shirts
Icon equipment Legs Floral Shirt.png [[File:|52px]] Floral Shirt [[Floral Shirt|]] Shirts
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Mask C 01.png [[Gas Mask (Full)|]] Gas Mask (Full) Mask
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Eyes A 01.png [[Glasses (Punk)|]] Glasses (Punk) Glasses, Goggles
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Legs BR03 02.png [[Hotpants (Blue)|]] Hotpants (Blue) Pants
Icon equipment Body Long Sleeved T-shirt (Striped).png [[File:|52px]] Long Sleeved T-shirt (Striped) [[Long Sleeved T-shirt (Striped)|]] Shirts
Icon equipment Body G 01.png [[File:|52px]] Long-sleeved T-shirt (Black) [[Long-sleeved T-shirt (Black)|]] Shirts
Icon equipment Body G 02.png [[File:|52px]] Long-sleeved T-shirt (Light Blue) [[Long-sleeved T-shirt (Light Blue)|]] Shirts
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Jacket Mandrain Jacket (Blue).png [[Mandarin Jacket (Blue)|]] Mandarin Jacket (Blue) Jacket
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Jacket Padded Jacket (Urban).png [[Padded Jacket (Urban)|]] Padded Jacket (Urban) Jacket
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Legs BR06 02.png [[Pleated Mini-skirt (Blue)|]] Pleated Mini-skirt (Blue) Pants
[[File:|52px]] Protective Sunglasses.png [[Protective Sunglasses|]] Protective Sunglasses Glasses
Icon equipment Legs BR School Shirt (Open).png [[File:|52px]] School Shirt (Open) [[School Shirt (Open)|]] Shirts
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Legs BR School Shoes.png [[School Shoes|]] School Shoes Shoes
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Legs Slacks (Blue).png [[Slacks (Blue)|]] Slacks (Blue) Pants
Icon equipment Body F 02.png [[File:|52px]] T-shirt (Red) [[T-shirt (Red)|]] Shirts
Icon equipment Body F 03.png [[File:|52px]] T-shirt (Striped) [[T-shirt (Striped)|]] Shirts
Icon equipment Body C 02.png [[File:|52px]] Tank-top (Charcoal) [[Tank-top (Charcoal)|]] Shirts
[[File:|52px]] WorkingBoots BoxInfo.png [[Working Boots|]] Working Boots Shoes

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