Weapon Mastery is a brand new progression feature with unique and free rewards, giving players an avenue for improving their weapon skills and celebrate the journey along the way. It also gives players the opportunity to show off their accomplishments and personalize their look.


Every weapon has a series of levels that players can progress through by dealing damage and defeating opponents to earn Weapon XP in matches. Hitting difficult shots, surviving longer and defeating more enemies will all earn you Weapon XP at a faster rate. After every ten levels on a weapon, you will be promoted to the next Mastery Tier with 10 tiers in total. Gaining levels and tiers in Weapon Mastery will result in unlocking the rewards content the system has to offer.


All rewards are free. The farther you progress, the more there is to unlock [1].


Charms are keychain-like trinkets that attach to the left side on the barrel of each weapon. You can equip and see which charms you have unlocked from inside the Mastery tab.

Update history[]

Update #38 (Season 6 - Update 6.2) - vN/A
  • Weapon Mastery Balancing.
  • Early levels of Weapon Mastery now require less XP to earn. As a result of this change, players may find that some of their Weapon Mastery levels are slightly higher than before.
  • Due to a technical issue, the PUBG ID feature has been temporarily disabled.

Update #36 (Season 5 - Update 5.3) - vN/A

  • Favorite Weapon
    • Players can now choose their "favorite weapon" in the Mastery tab
    • The weapon of choice will show up as the first weapon stat in your PUBG ID, regardless of whether the weapon has the highest level or not.
    • A grey star will show up when player's mouse is hovered over it. Clicking the star will favorite the weapon.
    • A gold star will show up next to a chosen weapon when a player favorites it.
    • Players can only favorite individual weapons and not categories.
    • There can only be one favorite. That's just logical.
    • The favorite weapon will always show up at the top of players' list, even when the sorting feature is used.

Pre-Update #30 - vN/A

  • Weapon zoom
    • You can now zoom in and out when viewing your weapons in the Mastery tab to give you a better look at your hard earned charms attached to your favorite weapon.
    • Emblem animations
    • For every 10 level ups, a new tier emblem animation will be displayed to show your tier progression.
  • New weapon (Deagle) was added to the Mastery tab.
    • Earn XP and unlock charms for our newest weapon, the Deagle.
  • Improved the Last Match popup UI
    • The weapon icon displayed in the Last Match popup now varies for each player. The icons of the top 3 weapons with the highest score in the last match will appear in the popup message.
    • The displayed weapon icons follow the weapon sorting order applied to the Last Match page.
  • In-game charm equip/unequip feature
    • You can now equip and unequip charms in-game, just like you can for weapon skins.
    • While wearing other players' skins, press Alt+Shift+LMB to unequip them, and press Alt+LMB to equip your skins and charm.
  • [Test Server] Bonus weapon XP rewards test
    • We're testing a feature specifically on the Test Server until Midnight June 22 (KST) which allows us to grant players bonus Mastery XP.
      • This feature allows certain weapons to gain more XPs during a certain period.
      • For 3 days, you can earn 3 times more XP with handguns, SMGs and SRs.
    • This feature won't be applied to the Live Server in June.
      • Once testing is complete and the feature stable, we will may use this system on live servers in the future.
      • Keep an eye out for future announcements.

April 16, 2019

  • Weapon Mastery was announced.