在絕地求生中有各種的武器。掉落的機率有所不同。但大部分的武器都有機會獲得,除了很少數最強的武器要在 Care Package drops during the rounds中獲得。 此外可以使用各種的attachment來改造武器,例如 compensators, suppressors, scopes, foregrips, extended magazines等。



  • Each gunshot sound heard in game has propagation delay based on distance between source and the listener
  • The propagation velocity is 340m/s so if a pistol is shot 340m away from listeners, they will see the muzzle flash first and hear the gunshot after 1 second
  • If a gun is fired from indoors or there is no direct or approximate line of sight (obstructed), the reverb effect and LPF are applied to the sound effect

Bullet Crack/Whizz Effect

Bullet crack effect (or bullet bow shockwave) is generated when a supersonic projectile passes in close proximity to the listener. The effect can be heard in a closest point on bullet trajectory line. Basically, the sound source is always perpendicular to the trajectory line, so if players hear a bullet crack just in their left headphone, they know that the shooter is either directly in front of or behind them.

Most of the weapons are supersonic. This means that players will hear the crack/whizz before they hear the actual gunshot. In a scenario where they see a shooter 1000m away, using AWM (>900m/s muzzle velocity) the events will occur in such order:

  1. See the muzzle flash
  2. After ~1 sec hear the crack/whizz (assuming no air drag)
  3. After ~3 sec hear the gunshot

Bullets passing close to the player will generate a crack sound, the ones passing further away will only generate whizz effect. Different sound samples and blended based on distance (the maximum distance and attenuation characteristic is also affected by suppressor attachment). The close gunshot sounds louder and more clear than the distant ones.


Recoil is based on multiple variables which uniquely define a weapon's recoil characteristics, such as: vertical and horizontal kicks, recoil speed, shot recovery speeds, degree of variation, magnitude of recovery and horizontal kick tendency.


Patch changes

  • PUBG Icon Early Access Month 4 UpdateAdded new sound effect while scoping or aiming weapon; Improved character animation without any weapon or with melee weapon; Added new option to display all equipped weapons on the right side of the screen. This UI will be updated further in the future; Fixed an issue of weapons sporadically ceasing to fire despite being set to auto firing mode; Fixed an issue of the reloading sound getting played repetitively after dropping a weapon while reloading; Fixed a bug where weapons would continue to play looped reload animation even after canceling the reload.
  • PUBG Icon Early Access Week 16 UpdateYou can no longer fire weapons in a vehicle from underwater; Fixed an issue of armed weapon not getting displayed on HUD UI, when switching weapons with number keys while having inventory open.
  • PUBG Icon Early Access Week 15 UpdateFixed a bug that made a teammate's weapon invisible in spectator mode.
  • PUBG Icon Early Access Month 3 UpdateImproved rendering performance of weapons from far-off. Made improvements to the weapon animations.
  • PUBG Icon Early Access Week 13 UpdateImproved the rendering performance of weapon effects at a distance.
  • PUBG Icon Early Access Week 11 UpdateFixed a bug that caused weapon icons at the bottom of the screen to not be shown when switching weapons after opening the inventory.
  • PUBG Icon Early Access Month 2 UpdateImproved rendering performance for weapons and attachments seen at distance; Improved rendering performance by modifying certain weapon and vehicle effects that were unnecessarily rendered at distance.
  • PUBG Icon Early Access Week 5 UpdateImproved the drop in FPS when firing a gun or driving a vehicle.
  • PUBG Icon Early Access Month 1 UpdateThe blood hit effect size now varies according to the weapon caliber; Fixed a bug that caused weapons to clip through walls.
  • PUBG Icon Closed Beta Update 3The moving speed when sprinting now varies slightly according to the weapon your character is holding.
  • PUBG Icon Closed Beta Update 1Resolved an issue with weapon sounds resulting in the inability to locate gunshot origin; Fixed issue of magazines disappearing when switching weapons.
  • PUBG Icon Closed Beta Launch UpdateAdjusted balance for all weapons and attachments.; Added new equip weapon animations. Changing weapons is no longer instantaneous.; Non-equipped weapons are now shown on the character’s back.; Re-made all weapon samples for all ranges and silenced versions (WIP).
  • PUBG Icon Alpha Update 3Increased the spawn rate of low value weapons and items; Decreased the spawn rate of high value weapons.
  • PUBG Icon Alpha Update 2Weapons will no longer auto-reload ammo when equipped.; Adjusted the recoil recovery mechanics. Weapons do not recover to the same position after shots anymore and you will need to re-aim each shot.; Adjusted the drop mesh sizes for weapons and accessories.
  • PUBG Icon Alpha Update 1Weapons will no longer be switched when scrolling mouse with the inventory open.
  • PUBG Icon Alpha Launch UpdatePer each weapon's characteristics, sway following WASD movement and camera rotation were added. For example, since pistols and SMGs are lighter, there is less lag in camera rotation.
  • PUBG Icon Pre-Alpha Launch UpdateAdded sound propagation for weapons (delay with distance).
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