Stackable items can be split.


Patch changes

  •  Early Access Week 1 UpdateAdded ability to see item durability state directly in vicinity pane.
  •  Early Access Launch UpdateYou are now able to sort your items in your inventory.
  •  Closed Beta Update 3Fixed a bug that prevented certain items not being lootable due to them spawning inside of walls, or stuck between different objects.
  •  Closed Beta Update 2Fixed a bug that prevented the items from being looted in some occasions.
  •  Closed Beta Update 1Fixed inability to use items with hot keys while in driver's seat.; Partially resolved the inability to pick up items off floors.
  •  Closed Beta Launch UpdateAdded highlight to lootable items so that they can be more easily recognized; Added ability to split stackable items.
  •  Alpha Update 3Stackable items (Medical items, Boost items, Ammo) are now distributed into multiple slots when exceeding a certain amount.; Increased the spawn rate of low value weapons and items.
  •  Alpha Update 2Fixed a bug that caused dropped items to disappear; Fixed a bug preventing players from looting items spawned in certain buildings (i.e – Warehouses).
  •  Pre-Alpha Launch UpdateAdded item variation for accessories and skins
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